Mark Croft, Award-Winning Singer/Songwriter, is one of the most distinguished musicians to ignite the Acoustic Pop/Roots scene. A seasoned performer, Croft has been serving up exciting and emotional performances to unsuspecting audiences throughout the nation. His ability to navigate his six-string with superiority, wrapping frantic acoustic riffs around unforgettable melodies, has garnered him praise from press outlets, industry professionals, club owners, and fans alike.

Mark Croft was John Eddie’s opening act, and a very nice surprise. About ten years ago I worked as a phlebotomist (blood sucker) in the lab at the UW Hospital in Madison. My supervisor was Pat Croft. Turns out Pat is Mark’s father. Pat was manning the merch booth for Mark when I arrived last night. We had a nice chat with him and his daughter Carrie before the show.

After the show, I hung out with Mark and his family for a little bit before heading home. Mark is a hell of a performer, and he was a lot of fun to shoot. I’m looking forward to hearing more from him.


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