After the Grand Rapids show, I ended up driving to Chicago to crash at my brother’s place. I was awake much too soon Saturday morning. After backing up my photos from the previous night’s show, I packed the gear and headed to the venue for the M&G.

We had a bigger crowd for the M&G in Chicago than we did in Grand Rapids so we couldn’t hold it on the bus. Instead, the folks got to sit in on the soundcheck. They got their own, private three song set. Afterwards they got to meet the band, get photos with the guys, and get all their shwag signed.

After the M&G it was off for a quick bit to eat before show time. Lighting for this show was quite a bit better than Grand Rapids, but still not great.

The two days I spent with the guys was a lot of fun, but I was happy to be going back home the next morning. I’m looking forward to doing it all again in November though.

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