I just got back this afternoon from spending two days with the amazing Anthrax. The guys started up the tour in support of their new album Worship Music on October 14th in Grand Rapids MI. The show (from this fanboy’s perspective anyway) was nothing short of awesome.

Sure, there were some technical difficulties and a few SNAFUs, but the vibe was killer.

I met up with the guys before the show to photograph the Anthrax Army meet & greet. The Anthrax Army is the new Anthrax Fan Club, and it’s run by a great crew. I feel very honored to be a part of the team, and can’t wait to meet some more fans. Anthrax fans are a great group.

After Friday’s show, I packed up the gear and drove on to Chicago where I would meet up with the guys the next day. Friday Saturday morning arrived to soon, and I could have used a few more hours of sleep, but a cup of St. Arbucks helped out a bit.

A large part of Friday Saturday was spent trying to find parking near the Congress Theater. Sweet Evil Jesus, was that ever a nightmare. I was finally given a permit that allowed me to park on the street right behind the ‘Thrax tour bus, but it was like pulling teeth to get it.

The folks that showed up at the Meet & Greet in Chicago were treated to a private, three-song “concert” while the band did their sound-check. After that, the guys hung out with the fans for photos, autographs, and all around good times.

The Chicago show was even better than the night before. As a photographer, the lighting at this show was infinitely better than the Orbit Room.

Over the next couple of days I will be putting the finishing touches on my photos and posting them here. For now, I need some sleep and some family time.

In the meantime, enjoy the teaser shots below.


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