Clayton Dewey

Concert & Event Photographer
Dryad Media takes its name from the kennel founded by Maynard & Kitty Drury, Clayton Dewey’s grandparents. The original Dryad Media icon was inspired by the dogs bred by Dryad Kennels, the boisterous, big-hearted, big and slobbery beasts called Newfoundlands, which were a huge part of Clayton’s childhood.

After Kitty and Maynard’s death, the kennel name was taken over by their daughter, Mary, who applied all the knowledge gleaned from years of whelping puppies to the whelping of her own son, Clayton. The kennel continued to produce some of the finest examples of the breed until Mary’s death of cancer in 2002. Since neither Clayton or his brothers had the gumption or the resources to carry on the legacy of the kennel, they chose to retire the name. Dryad Media is Clayton’s tribute to the hard work and dedication of his mother and grandparents.

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